For you love me

in #poem4 years ago

Poems For You Beloved

We have been apart for so long
You end this relationship
With one painful word

Maybe that word
Make this heart so sick
As embedded inside
The broken glass pieces
Even though my heart is so sick
But, this heart is for you
Will not be hollow by painful feelings

I was just hoping
You know this feeling
That can never take you off
Because you deserve to be loved

I've tried
To give up this love for another heart
But that is only temporary
Because my heart is for you completely

Probably now living
Only words
Who keeps on shooting me
And shadows me
But I'm still grateful for you

Because you are the most beautiful woman
I've met in my love journey
Though you're a memory
Sew in the rest of my life
Goodbye my beloved lover
I do not always miss you
May I be
The most beautiful memories of your heart, every day


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