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Like a big burnt offering, it stood in my way,
Oozing out putrid smell with wormy attackers feasting on it.
Oh! Heavens and all the earth! Where ever shall I stay?
Just to be unburdened from someone's little act of insanity.
Hoops and loops, the attackers firm as they feast in this bacterial meal,
Like savage cannibals with ni drop of mercy in their hearts.
"You big brown lump of nature" I say with all my will.
"Will you get the hell out of my path?"

Oblivious to my inner indignation and rage, the lump stood with determination.
"How dare you smear my brand new footwear with your disgusting face?"
"Come here! Come near! Come near and hear, all he creatures."
For me, this ugly brown mass of nature's mess has disgraced."
Let's all banish this unfortunate mound to outer space,
To corrupt and disgust and smear all aliens.
Wining with twigs and dining with thorns, wearing leafy laces.
And joyful we shall be 'cause we shall have seen its end.


Thanks for your good posts, I followed you!

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