Lucky. A Children's Poem

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They say a black cat crossing your path is bad luck. Is it? I do not think so, and I really thought this was an old-fashioned superstition; however, Halloween is coming, and some people have started talking about related topics. It called my attention that an eight year old kid said he knows for a fact this is true. He took a stick and tried to shoo the little kitten. His parents were around and didn't tell him anything about it to prevent him from hurting the cat. I got mad. This poem is my personal therapy to channel this negative emotion.


                                           Poor li’l kitten got beaten.
                                           After two days he got sick and sicker;
                                           mischievous children playin’ ball
                                           had him so injured he rolled
                                           down to this place all alone,
                                           where water or food there was none.

                                           Poor li’l kitten got scraggy.
                                           People going by thought him crabby;
                                           they spurned him, they scorned him,
                                           all sorts of wrong got him,
                                           and all, little friends, all of that,
                                           only because he was black.

                                           But Luck would not leave Lucky abandoned;
                                           after all, she was his fairy-phantom.
                                           She got this magic wand brought from lands
                                           far and old, where the kings and the queens
                                           were black kitties.

                                           Just a couple of spells.
                                           And things went just well.
                                           Got a name and good fame.
                                           Lucky kitten.

"Black and White Cat Sketch" - Attribution: Fastily, Nov. 2016 - Image under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

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