Shrapnel Pierce (An Original Poem)

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Shrapnel pierces through their bodies
mine done gone strong overtime
Even death trembles when it hears my gun cocking
I've defeated fear every time
I've made the forest my home
I sleep with my eyes open, heart closed
I hear chirpings of the birds
And the foot of the enemy

I'm the one that goes in front
when the bullets are incoming
For what do they call them
Heroes? With capes
I don't know
I know I'm a soldier
I know I'm not meant to sleep
I know I'm requested to laugh when I'm not tranquil
For pray, if I cry and in fear, I throw up my fists
what will the others think?

I go into the war
My mama call came in
Put the phone on speaker
So she heard my CO saying
"Formation now, left flank lost and look at out!
RPG's coming, put your head in the dust!
Mama starts to cry
I laughed and She asked why
I said, "Mama I'm a soldier"
For you to call me in peace
I sacrificed my peace
"God bless you my son"
"Thank you..."

I couldn't complete it because CO called
Enemy close, 4 men down
Find cover if you're a woman
Or show you deserve that uniform
and be a soldier!

In memory of Maj MM Hassan. He died fighting Boko Haram.



Wonderful lyrics dear, the better part was that it was dedicated to a hero, you so deserve a thumbs up for this.

Brilliant and moving.

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Amazing poem,thanks for sharing.

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