I'm an ALPHA now

in poem •  last year

Life is Complicated , A mystery that can never be solved .
Filled with puzzles and memories , love , betrayal , deceit ..
But most importantly unexpectedly taking the lives and soul of good mundanes and leaving the bad ones on earth to continue their evil deeds.
Life is easy giving u opportunities , freedom of choices to determine ùr life , ùr future , ùr path to success..
Life is love , with loved ones , parents , families , friends and lovers..
In life, on earth God's love is outstanding , He loves every one equally ,from those unborn , to the dead , to the rich , to the poor , those in hell fire , those in heaven , those enjoying , those suffering , those beautiful , and those less beautiful...
He loves us all equally but bless us differently, so anytime u want to pray , ask for His blessings not Love..
Anytime you are praying and u are still a sinner , ask for His utmost blessings not His love or His grace..
He liveth.
Mysteries yet unsolved , from ùr creation to ùr birth..., No science can hold that.
Everytime I wakes up I look through the window and pay due respect to Life..
Life and life's itself.
I will forever be a good mundanes even full moonlight..
Valar monguelhez!!!

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