Greater Love (Original Poetry)

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Greater Love

Two young hearts once lived as one
No one knows lest evr’yone
In love and trust, they are bonded
Safe Heaven in the Forest,
They have founded

What more do they expect
The Things made without regret
All the sudden, the man was called
To serve his kingdom,
In the war which is far more cold

It was anticipated,
The lengthy battle ended
A baby was born,
Yet the mother went to mourn
Cried a lot, over a lover torn

The boy grew up into a man
Seeks adventures beyond the Land
Left her mother and began his plan
Met in the woods,
His glorious band

Off they search for ‘the water’
Surpassed hardships without falter
In the end it has been told
A story the young man holds
Far more important than elixir and gold

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