No time like the present.

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Poem I made for fun that uses all four grammar tenses concerning the present. It also includes a small task for English students ;). Hope you like it.

No time like the present

It's simple, the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west,
It continuously is walking without any rest,
It has been smiling at me since the morning until now,
I have got tanned and now I am brown.

The Sun shines all the time, that is it's routine,
It is shining now and it's twelve fifteen,
It has been shining for the last six hours,
We have not experienced any rain showers,

Greetings from Bangkok, the city where I live,
I am drinking coffee now while writing this,
In this poem, I have been trying to come up with a pattern,
Have you noticed? Have you found it? Does it really matter?

Oops, the pattern has been broken
For the sake of rhyme,
I have made it easier,
Can you see it now?