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Survive When Falling - Original Poetry @irdiansyah

in poem •  7 months ago

How are you friend.,?

I want to share a poem about surviving when falling. This poem is inspired from trading. hope you are happy and like.
Following my short poem. :)


Falling and falling repeatedly dropped,
red hammer struck many times, made me fall deeper inside the abyss.

Twigs on the edge of a cliff can not hold me down. I reach for the rock that is on the edge of the cliff so I do not fall deeper, I survive and I succeed.

Do not give up even though the hammer hit you down the deep chasm, all there is a way to go back up, stay friend and you will be the winner.

Best Regard @irdiansyah

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I hope u be the one of survive on this things..
Nice one mr. @irdiansyah


Ooo... Whaha...
Thanks my brother @dedley.. :)