subtle differences

in poem •  2 months ago  (edited)

[original poem]

young and intimidated by life’s stature
i used to worry about a lot
i just think about a lot

the difference between the two is subtle
but so are many of life’s wisdoms

you can live to die
or die to live

i die when i live to match anyone else’s standards
and i live
when i am willing to die living life
according to my own

self-willed and different
i don’t envy lives not my own

love for life is in the heart of its owner
and i love my life

i lost the life that people expected of me
and found this:
the real me

i found peace

though i can die
in the blink of an eye
i live my life
in the best way i can think of and i
pay attention to the subtle differences

written by me, Innocent Mwatsikesimbe @imwatsi

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