The garden of delights. (Poem).

in #poem4 years ago

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Yes. There are damaged people,

Like a slight clock,

His hands point,

Where the heart awaits.

The clock looked north,

In the field of Eden,

Where we were lovers,

Where everything was disdain.

The birds were fluttering,

Our country was the feet,

We ran like children,

Happiness everywhere.

But ...

Disgrace came

With his fine high grace,

And I told my Maria

Courtesy Courtesy

My job was to love,

Work wide,

Give our love noise,

And fill the world with meaning.

Nine hours passed,

She didn't come

Twelve hours passed,

And she didn't happen.

Appeared before me

A sharp shell

Was the god abraxas

Reincarnation Source

I ran out to see you,

But I couldn't see you

You were the snake

And you moved that skin.

I tried to take the whip

Of the punishment I will fall into,

But we must be together

Even God quite why.

You handed me the apple

And the clock too,

Now we are legend,

And the reader too.

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