You Are Calling Me...

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Your heart is calling to mine and I got the message
Yours is the only room I can walk into right from the passage
On a scale of 1-100, I would pick 120, way above the percentage
If I am asked how much I love and want you, no garbage

Your eyes are calling me and speaking directly to me
I can see the longing in your eyes as they speak of attention
Your eyes speak a lot, more than your lips can mutter
I just want to hold you and whisper into your ears, I won't stutter

Your legs shone and the ground is blessed to have you walk on it
Straight, long, clean, calling and tempting even from afar
You walked up to me and my mouth opened ajar
My feet led me to you, I want to keep you way better like my precious jar

I want to hold your hands and feel the tenderness of your skin
You are my favourite person, closer to me than my kin
With you being around or not being around, I can't think
You still have a strong hold on me whether you are close or not

Your smile, your hair, your charm, your lips...
Your dressing, your beauty, your kindness and your heart
They dazzle me among so many things I love about you
If you are in a room of crowded people, I would still find you


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