Never Final.

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It's never the final!
If it doesn't end on a fine line,
If it's not concluded on a sweet note,
If it doesn't bring the result you want,
If it doesn't suit your taste,
It's not the final say- Move!

Maybe you ain't meant to have it,
maybe you ain't made for it,
what if it makes you what you are not?
what if it brings what can break you?
maybe something bigger is on the way,
maybe you are just about to settle for less!

Rejection at once isn't rejection at all
and rejection for one isn't rejection for all.
Brazen yourself for the best ahead,
sleep not on the bed of nonacceptance,
make a move, push harder,
it's never the final until it ends on a fine line.


Gingered Up! ❣️

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