Love Beyond Culture.

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I don't know your story but I can learn it
It's just a matter of time as long as you can tell it
I don't have to be from your side to feel accepted by you
Love goes beyond culture, ethnicity or tribe

Love is what unites us and makes us understand each other
Love breeds patience and humility that is needed
Needed to understand we don't have to be the same to love
They said that true love has no class barrier

Let me love you in the language that you understand
Would it be bad if you learn my language of love too?
Our hearts are united so why should any barrier put asunder?
I look to the heavens to God to send down His thunder

Most people deny love just for this blunder
If you are not from their tribe they put asunder
How do you control who your heart loves? I wonder
Split them apart all you like, their hearts would still grow fonder


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