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Have I told you how impressed I am with you?
How despite all the things thrown at you, you came out better
You were not defined by the things you went through
You rather turned it around and brought lessons out of them

Have I told you how much I love you?
You don't have to be perfect for me to love you
I just need to tilt the scale and watch how it swings
But the good parts swing better than the bad parts

Have I told you how impressed I am with you?
How everything you heard didn't change how you feel
You choose to walk by sight and not what others say
You choose to judge based on what you know and see which is smart

Have I told you how beautiful you look always?
It's not just about your appearance but the state of your heart
Your heart speaks of kindness and they match your words
Your words match your actions and what else can I say?

It's okay to make people feel appreciated when we noticed the things they do
We are too quick to drag people down then they err
Why not keep the same energy and praise them when they do well?
Life is about focus and what we focus on is what gets magnified


Gingered Up! ❣️

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