The Wild Persimmon Tree - A Poem

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The Wild Persimmon Tree.jpg

Beneath the wild persimmon tree,
Sits a girl all alone,
Her back rests against the trunk,
Rising above her like a throne.

She sits upon the spot,
Where her father's ashes lay,
As she reads aloud a story,
Of the pirates in the bay.

They seek the golden treasure,
As they fight sea and man,
But it rests upon a legend,
Of a hopeless, careless plan.

In this long, wild journey,
The sea claims the life of all but one man,
He sails the horizon,
Searching for the treasure on the ocean’s open span.

His days come to a close,
As he rests his ship on a sandy shore,
Littered with skulls and bones,
The “x” sits on the island’s core.

He digs at the mark,
Once the chest is reached,
He pulls it before him,
The hinges give a squeal and screech.

The treasure becomes his betrayer,
As he sits in awe of its shining glory,
Death takes over and persuades his thirst,
And to that, comes the end of his story.

Now his ashes lay below the wild persimmon tree,
He lusted after gold,
Leaving his family behind to do so,
Now he is no longer more, than a story told.



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