Mighty sailor searching for long lost love - pearl of times

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"Pearl of times"

Young pearl in star constellation
shines golden light across universe
sailor feels the destiny call
voyage is forever ever lasting

We don't know how voyage can turn in life'
mighty sailor knew that ice princess of todays universe
he knew that many stars have frozen heart
that is universe rule of today time

Time traveling he must now
back in time where true loves kiss
had meaning of times
had meaning or real feelings

Voyage is heavy and long across
time traveling via ring pearl of times...


Sailor Voyage continues , time traveling for true loves kiss

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"he knew that many stars have frozen heart
that is universe rule of today time

But that's not a rule, that's a survival method, a protective barrier that keeps you away from new mistakes. The Sailor knows it, that is the reason why he still traveling and looking for a safe place to stay

Oh, it's a beautiful poem. I started reading it for the title "pearl of times"
My little dog of all life, my faithful companion, best friend and in a way my four-legged daughter was named Perla.
She just died and somehow, the universe always finds a way to remind me her :( I miss her so much.

Pearls are stored in the seabed grounds for mighty Seafarers looking for love.

the pearly light gives a sense of happiness to everyone who continues to keep the love intact.

How do we love ourselves?

Love sometimes blinds man to everything that is real in his life, lost self-confidence due to helplessness in the journey of life, the assumption of fate has made him lost to what is happening in his life.

Is Love everlasting?

Everlasting love is only for the creator who is capable of changing everything in human life, the power of love is the golden glow in the eternal life of man stored in the innermost heart, confidence will change everything for a voyage in search of true love.


True love is only for the confident person to change his / her life

Going back the time to recover that real love that we no longer find, it would be great. The problem is that we would live in the past. There should be a way to bring that love from the past to reality to fill the world with love. Real love. A love so strong that it can melt the ice of all the young hearts of today ... It would be really good .. But is it possible?

Maybe the sailor can find a way to make that possible