Poem From No Man’s Sky

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Freed from gravity’s grip you soar,
On leathery wings the gift of flight,
Is yours to own forevermore,
And mine to watch, an awesome sight.

Yet sadness do I feel for you,
You have no eyes that I can see,
You roam wherever you wish, it’s true,
But you are blind as you are free.

Behind you, in magnificence,
A planet hangs where you can’t climb,
But lacking in the visual sense,
You do not know this sight sublime.

So soar, be free, and roam your sky,
And leave me, the earthbound one behind,
With sight I travel light years more,
I’m not as free, but I’m not so blind.

Thanks to Hello Games for the image.


A beautiful poem and the flight of your thought is brilliant! Thank you @extie-dasilva

Beautiful verses. And why do not people fly because birds? Thank you for sharing.

Nice poem

Nice poem
thanks for sharing this poem

Thanks, everyone!

Posting very good @extie-dasilva
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