Blood on the sheets.

in poem •  10 months ago 

We tore down the wall.
Standing so tall.
Waving our banners, heads held high.
Took that bullet through the thigh.

Now he screams on broken cobbles.
Nobody heard the voice.
Calmly informing, lay down your weapons.
Shame, the only mark was on our flag.
Torn underfoot as we ran.

To the last, was our catch call.
Now my friend was first to fall.
He took a knee, begged with arms wide.
How I wish I wasn't so snide.

To admit my fault, but I'll never dare.
Can hardly bare to sit back in my chair.
Passing judgement on those that came before.
While my team goes for another score.

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This post was upvoted for being original, creative and all around amazing.
Keep up the excellent work! Thank you for being a supporter.
Full Steem Ahead!! <3

Love it.
Thank you.


I agree, that is very powerful indeed. Well done @eternal.witness