Nudity; Sanity

in poem •  last year

My physique is that of divinity
even before I used to be separated from my virginity,
it's constantly been that of royalty.
From rooftops within the city,
to the visuals that play out by means of one's perspicacity.
my piece of sanity...
Superbly spread out over any,
...And ever floor there's,
all she ever predicted was once a jizz.
Legs in opposite guidelines,
drops of perspiration,
our bodies curled up to the beat of pelvic vibrations,
intertwined by using the rhythm of the motions.
She came so gloriously,
it was once virtually as if
her vaginal opening
used to be the mouth to
a fountain that overflows
with nothing however cum.Female_bodypainting_Australian_flag.jpg

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