Don’t go like the rain- Poem by eduard

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Letting you in to my life maybe was the most foolish decision I’ve done
I let you in fearing that someday you might be gone
I couldn’t help myself but hold onto you
I never gave my mind a chance to remind me that there will always be pain that I will have to go through

You were that valuable treasure I never want to let go
You were that shining star that I always look up into
I can’t remember being in pain when it comes to you
No, I never doubted myself at loving you

I thought I was too happy but then you decided to go
But i cried and cried and silently begged at you
All I knew is I would be nothing without you
And all I wanted is to be here with you

If I were the sun I would shine so bright for the rain to never come
So you’d never thought of leaving from where I am
If I were the clouds I’d hold and contain the rain
So I’d never have to see you walk away and leave me in pain

But now you’re nowhere to be found
All I can see is the painful memories that makes my head pound
All I can feel is the numbing coldness
All I can hear is the ghostly silence

Will I ever forget you?
Will I ever tell myself to get over you?
When will I get to erase the memories of you?
Will that time ever come true?

I should’ve told you this: “Don’t go away like the rain”.
Don’t leave me with these wet traces, looking for you over again.
If we could only have this life in another day,
Given another chance I wanted to see you that badly.

Don’t go like the rain
I don’t want to get drenched with this unbearable pain
The rain falls and dries and disappears
You can’t just go like that, please.

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very nice poetry! I appreciate it 👍👍👍

thank you @shohana1

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

there are people that will come in our life just like the rain. But there are also who stays. Very nice poem you have. :)