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Good day steemians....
Our future depends greatly on us.
Everyone have their own talents and uniqueness which make up our personalities.
For life is like a river that is sometimes still,
As soon as the rain comes, you should go with the flow.

"Life is what you make it" no matter if you're unpopular,
No matter if you are less known,
As long as you have the two most power
Filled words of survival.
As long as you have the most satisfying work,
and it is not lost in you
The most powerful force in life
With the most powerful channel of communication,

Together with the correct usage of the worlds,
Most incredible computer, life could be then successful, victorious, and satisfying
Its in the way in which you deal life.
It is said that if you cant be a pine on top of the hill, be a shrub on the valley,
but be the best little shrub by the side of the hill.

Be a bush if you cant be a tree.
If you cant be a sun, then be a star.
If you cant be a highway, then just be a trail.
It is'nt in size that we win or we fail,
but the most important is just** be the best of whatever you are.**
As long as the sun will continue to rise,
Theres always a chance for us to grow and see our bright future.



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Owh betul banget itu mba. Apa lagi kalok mba yang masak buat makan siang ku hari ini hahahaha

Just speak english☺

Speak English! @wahyudiarigayo kunero.. 😂

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