One Plus Two

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One Plus Two

original poetry
by @d-pend



          - - 1 + 2 - -

 Muladhara risen-recycled,
    blood-typhoon settling.

    Sunset of agate infrared,
  partly cloudy summer-syllogizer.

 Septiembre, month defunct—
          seven-to-nine migrating etymology.

    Shift from confusion blush,
 awakened in the year's sloping basin.

      Upwards, svadhisthana inverted,
  media-propagandized coupler fallacious.

  Healed by the falling orb carrot orange,
      saw the sights that reactivate.

  Eyes of generation and warm prodigy
     to migrate to climate balmy.

supermassive_black_hole_by_mutequacky-d5zuki4 2.jpg


altered.jpgpraxis_sphaera_by_metafrost-dbywsjj 2.jpg

Poem by
Art by

  1 — "Bulb" by zy0rg
  2 — "Supermassive Black Hole" by mutequacky
  3 — "Luckiest Charm" by neyopro
  {bottom strips from "Praxis Sphaera" by metafrost}
Term references

praxis_sphaera_by_metafrost-dbywsjj.jpgaltered 2.jpg



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1+2... is not always 3?
I have a great deal of respect for anyone who can handle Hindu tantrism, or Hinduism in general. I find it immensely complicated to understand. In any case, I went old school with this. Did my homework and tried to make sene of the yuxtaposition of all these elements in this complicated piece.
The chakras are, to put it simply, meditation aids. Out of the six or seven, the text mentions two:
Muladhara: "root support", located by the coccyx (anus?). It is associated with earth, the sense of smell and excretion. Identified by light yellow. He who meditates on this chakra can control two fundamental excretions, therefore, should master learning of any kind.

Svadhishthana: "the residence of the self", located by the sexual organs, connected with the sense of taste. Mastering this chakra shall empower reproduction (either of words or of people). It is also associated with water and the color red.
Then we have colors and temperatures interacting in relation to seasonal changes. We have the summer typhoons and the falls confusing ethimology. September migrating from the 7th month to the 9th.
The year's sloping basin can be connected to the body's basin, precisely where these two chakras reside. They lead to ends.
The inversion of Svadhishthana, going upwards instead of downwards is here connected to "coupler fallacious" (another concept as complex as Hindu tantrism), magnified by the media.

coupling relations are distinct from constitutive relations, and the fact that object or process X is coupled to object or process Y does not entail that X is part of Y (

Should we "rely on coupling relations between agents and environmental resources"? (Giulia Piredda. In

How is it that we can be healed by the sun? How is our connection or extension to elements ouside our bodies possible?
The sun and the balmy weather it produces has always been the compass that leads our actions. Semptember announces the change of weather, the millenary search for warmer climates where our body can be one with the elements in harmony.

But, of course, there is always the chance that @d-pend was just trying to outnoise Holycide and he wasn't thinking about any of this. :)
You guys have a great week.

The pictures are incredible and the message in the content so timely as it presents to us a picturesque September season theme clothed in hues ranging from deep oranges to reds. Thank you for the experience and the adventure on a micro and macro level.@d-pend


Thank you for the comment @rensoul17! Glad you found it timely, and I hope you are well.

Sunday is full of shine,
Monday with twilight.
Never give up your goals,
Continue day and night.
Set up your mind for success,
Future will be bright.
De-pend on own skill,
Don't be fright...

Regards to @de-pend sir!


Thanks for the poem dedication @certain. Have a great day!


Where is you sir, there is I, without you sir,
My existence is nothing...🙏🙏🥀🥀

"Septiembre, month defunct—
seven-to-nine migrating etymology."
I wrote a few months ago about the origins of the name "September", how it was the seventh month and became the ninth.


Aha! So you know exactly what I meant :-P

Oh 'tantrik' poetry! Do you believe we have 'kundalini' an inverted serpent that gets inverted when our soul awakens and it reaches to new 'chakras' when we progress further in the path of salvation?


All beliefs are somewhat true, and somewhat false. On an ultimate level, every belief is quite false if it is verbalized. Nevertheless, words are great fun to spin with the imagination, and they serve to allow us access to greater vistas of reality.

Not really sure if I need to be high to get this one... Still it's intriguing stuff, really from the deep end.


No, you don't have to take drugs, but you might need a dictionary, and a sense of abstraction :-D

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Keep Steeming on!! <3


Assuming everything goes as planned :-)


There is a time to migrate and a time to stay. Migrate while you can still fly.


Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom @mineopoly :-D

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