The beauty of ana-lisa

in #poem3 years ago (edited)

Her lips were the colour of red roses ,her eyes glistened liked rare jewels ,her strides so graceful ,on her chest laid softly an ornament made of gold ,her skin was as soft as butter painted with mahogany. I looked at her as she bountifully strut across the street,she glanced at me ,my heart melted .

Wide awake i was ,i sleeped walked over to where she was talking to her friends ,unknowingly of my whereabouts and state of mind with hands stretching forward i gently tap her on her shoulder which was covered in a white linen dress as white as the rays of the sun in the brink of noon .she slowly turns around with eyes as piercing and yet with a smile as warm as the ocean waves kissing your feet in sunset.she said with voice so tender ,voice so welcoming,"hi boy ". I was dumbstruck like a baby not knowing how to speak,lost for words .she noticing this she held me by the hand gently as a mother's touch which brought me back out of the awe .with arms folded ,with feet tapping ,she was eager to know what was on my mind ,as her friends were looking curiously and surprisingly.With head and eyes steering down at my dirt covered shoe ,arms holding together behind my cement encrusted shirt,i stuttered softly ,"your beautiful ",and with a smile as broad and wide as the sun's reach she humble replied ,"i know ,but i have to go now my friends are waiting ,here is my number we will talk soon ",as she pounced over to where her friends were waiting on the other end of the street. I was stunned ,anxious and excited as i watched them leave on the number 3 bus . As the bus leave i could see ana lisa staring at me smiling as images of her grace and beauty faded beyond the horizon of the street . @lovejuice

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