Loves Travails

in poem •  2 years ago 

Who shall speak of my suffering bliss?
Who will imagine I live in a ring?
Doubts erupt my memory
When flashings of his angelic deeds plead
With such gentle persuasion of Romeo’s touch
Eyes emitting shimmers of perfection
Lips in endless chorus of vows
Like a bee called by nectar
I clung
If only I could read minds
If only I really knew him
Our honey moon marked the tournament
When questions of why he chimnied rose
With draconian rage
His voice woke the Atlas
My cheeks greeted with love’s jab
Gown stained with life’s ink
So much for my awaited night
The mirror frowns at my masquerading beauty
Bruises and scratches graced with concealers
Battered lids adorned with eye shadows
Voice shackled by the ring’s vow
Here I stand
A modern piece in chains
With smiles of empty containment
For I live in a ring

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