in poem •  2 years ago  (edited)

A letter to My father

by: @caishierin

At dawn I woke up
I heard a groaning voice
I get up and look for it
There I saw you in your bed
Your hands in your chest
Your face shows pain
And I was just looking at you
Seeing you hurt, I don't know what to feel
Should I give you a hand?
Should I caress your back?
Will these ease your pain?
I don't know, I don't know

You're not like other father
I don't remember you cuddling me
I don't remember you playing with me
I don't remember you saying you love me
I just remember you walking
You walked away
Not for another woman
Not for another family
But you walked away to work
Am I childish?
To think ill because of this?
Am I imature to feel like this?
I just want a father
A father like any other

I want a father who will paly with me
I want a father who will cuddle me
I want a father who will love me
But now I grow up and I think it's late
I don't need a father now
And now seeing you old and tired
I think You need a daughter
I think you need my hands
I think, You need me now, So I will
Because no matter what happens, Your my FATHER


Pa, I know You love us differently. You never say those words but I know you love us. You may not show it like other father but I know in your own little ways you showed it. Maybe I didn't notice. Love you, pa.

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