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Once upon a time, there was a woman

A woman full of virtue, the virtuous desire of a true man

There was a woman, a woman who don't woo man

The dream of man, the reality of every human
Once upon a time,

There was a woman who kept Herself till Her wedding eve

She was the pride of Adam, the Ego of Eve
A woman who built a cornerstone and not the one who threw the stone at Steve

And when the whirlwind storm the yard, She brings peace to still
There was a woman at still

An iron Lady that made a man of steel
A woman that address the bill and not the one who dress to kill

A spring of virtue that provides for Jack and Jill
The reason why Jack and Jill don't have to go up the hill
She couldn't kill time 'cause She had no time to kill

Once upon a time, there was a woman
A woman who redefined a man and made Him a new man
An Eve who took Adam to His pinnacle
An Eve who don't just aim at Adam's Apple
A woman who endures in a man's Tabernacle
An Eve who don't leave Adam's tabernacle

And if She leave, She has left to fetch the leaf that fell off the tree in Adam's tabernacle
And when They walked down the aisle, She watched over Him and watched His ankle...

She used to be the Mother in the house
Now, She's a murder in the house

She used to be a healer of time
Now, She's just a killer of time

She used to be a giver of life
Now, She has become a taker of life

She used to be a life to die for
Now, she's the death They die of

There was a woman
I hope there is a woman
Who still carries the definition of a woman

A woman who could bring back the lost woman in a woman...


Inufin Ayomide d'great

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