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This is something else!
The birth of a new revolution
Prominent rise of an evolution

A goldmine of a gold and mine
The food for thought that turned water into wine
A procession of lines that run in rhymes
The run of lines that run on lines


This is something else!
A spontaneous overflow of powerful thoughts
An art that leaves a heart with deep cuts

The wow that makes wow wow
Till wow bow and ask how...

This is something else!
The flow that makes a soul glow with glare
A Diamond bank of precious stones that crystals clear
The fearful fear that makes the fearful fear
A wild thought the Polar bear
Wisdom of Solomon that add snares to the eardrums

The drummer boy that play on words like snare drums
This is something else!
If this is not spiritual then this is something elf
A stack a knowledge like a library shelf

Of a Pen Dragon, King Arthur The Oba Ayomide himself
He is something else!
He gave Poetry a new name and made Her forget Her old ways
The old religion; He adores Her in a new place and set Her a new pace

Now, Poetry is like a Partridge in a Pear tree
He took away Her illusion and turned the mystery into luxury
This is something else!
Another building to Beverly's beauty
A new foundation to Poetry's beauty

A greener hope to zygote generations of pen and paper
For the record to be a book of record that lies in history forever on paper

This is the New World Order and this is something else
Close to perfected perfection and far from the usual; This is something else
Something else is something else unless it's something else
And if this is not Poetry, this is something else...


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