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So i decided to do something on Money today... Enjoy the piece .

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Money money money
How cruel thou art?
You have risen and caused this felony
Breaching the gap, breaking our hearts.

Demeaningly cursing out with fret
Becoming unapologetically shrew
The masses fetter with unending debts
Burdening their hearts with complaints of you.

A thorn in the flesh of the hungry
A tool in the hands of the rich
Available they say to all and sundry
A lie the majority would love to ditch

For you being so diverse in your ways
Yet so mediocre in some currencies
Stupefied how you make such quays
Whilst some marvel at your endless seas

You have made me a king
You have made me a slave
The twist of happiness that you bring
Sounds like beats coming from my inner clave.

Money money money
Even though you make the masses bicker
The thoughts of you reminds of honey
Leaving in our hearts mighty jolts of flicker...

Image credit : Pexels


I think you did a great job. It's rare that i buy into the center message of poems but i couldnt agree more with this one. Quite in-depth and accurate. Amazing work.