Irritating Memories - Poem

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Now my absolute retirement
Thinking took leave uninterrupted.
Nightmare in the night of nightfall, dreamers escaped.
Today, thousands of prisoners of parvwanas,
Finding the darkness in the heart alone
Dalchat love

But at one time during the holidays I woke up in your magician kuhutane.
: Ten still bad guys?
Ummmahahaahhah .....
Get up now, get framed, breakfast ...
How much more
I used to get to the eyes and I got up immediately.
Your mother-in-law's face spreads warmth throughout the day, and I used to cry in the corners of my veins and the ears of the deceased.
I used to recite just like you, and I used to do it only to you.

After a long wait, when we met in a Mahindra;
I would like to crush you with thousands of eyes and crush me with your hot chest.
I used to enjoy happiness only in the eyeball, the divine happiness
On my chest I saw a nude assassin first, saw the stars' confrontation.
I had an eight-inch-in-one book, I thought it was a rough sea of ​​genuine love.
My eyes, mouth, lips were dripped, the ocean swallows the ocean and the pearl from the oyster plummeted like an embarrassment.

I wondered if you had a headache on your chest,
How much love you are,
Love pearl pearl hinges in the loins of the heart, such as yellow hairs in the egg.
How can you love the Mohammedan rule?

Today everything seems like a dream to me,
Do not dream, not a nightmare
Unbelief and hatred have dried up due to the deep sea of ​​love.
Lost love and waves of love disappeared.
Even though your trembling twilight has a uninterrupted word of expression, your folded sweaty forehead and a narrow eye, still disintegrate, my heart is divided.
Even today my ear is on the dawn of your ears.
: Ten o'clock jan, get up early and breakfast ....
Laxmi Sona, Ummaiyahahh ...

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hahah yes so Irritating hahahah

Beautifully irritating, this piece -- love it!

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