I'll leave

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To stay in this country,
The songs of birds must be heard every day.
If I have to stay in this country
Your smell will be on the scent.
If I have to stay in this country
The cry of my feelings must stop.
If I have to stay in this country
The feeling of emotion should be kept intensely.
This is my freedom in this country,
Year after year
Not the pain of getting,
Lonely Neon lighted the light.
Years of year will keep all the prisoners thinking.
Then the whole country will be sprayed.
All this is in my country
Let's go all the way.
Nothing will be left.
Not even a single point.
In the unknown country,
Where all of my things are in me.
No one will know, nobody will understand.
I will not blame the birds of your country.
There will be no crepuscular smell on the chest.
I'm just across the city
Everyone knows the country,
But to be burdened
I will launch the country.

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Nice line.keep going

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