Dust and Children - Poem

in #poem5 years ago

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Children with dust sand
Sasi own mind,
All forgets to play
In the courtyard of the courtyard ..

He called for a moment
No one listens,
Even though greed
He'll play ..

House with dust sand
To build,
Not even think
Happy aprana ..

How many dust
Children, in their own minds,
Sudha is broken and no more
Growth on the average ..

Sport with dust
Children mind in the dust

Give gold, diamonds
Mokto Manik,
Everyone in the dust bin
In the way he is ill.

Dust is your game mate
All of her dust,
What is in dust bin
Cut childhood ???

Thanks for Reading, Please Wait for My Next Post @blackybabies



I do love this one. Your poetry style is simplistically easy on the soul.

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