Thumb Out Traveler

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Met you on a road coming out of town
My thumb out
My banjo jetting from my pack
Lyrics slipping my lips
The birds my audience
As my feet pounded dirt
My fingers fondle picks in my pockets

Saw a spec along the lonely road
Headed for me
Thought the ride would pass nonplused

Our eyes made contact
My thumb swayed in the fresh air
My stomach sank with the quiet realization
I suddenly felt ill prepared
The truck smashed gravel
As it screamed to a hault

"Well hello stranger!"

Your face, as it dawned on you
Slowly cementing into shock
Eyes wide and mouth a gap

"You got space in this here wagon old man?"
I tap the top of the truck
Pretending like I don't know you
I lean into the passenger side window with a wink
Something sly in how I feel
It's good to see you again
It's been too long since
I think

"Looking for trouble?
Or just looking for me?"

"Where you coming from?
How long you been?
What are you doing here?
You came here and didn't say..."

"Didn't know if you ever wanted to see me again
So I just passed threw
Sang a song or two, and decided to get on
Get gone
Nothing here for me brother"

"So you going to give me a lift or what?"

"Clime in..."

"Where to?"

"Well... where you headed?"

"I got a few places to be but I can get you far enough."

"How far you willing to go?"

"For you?"
Anywhere you want..."
You smile wide

"Take me home old man, just take me home."

"Where's home?"

"I think you know."

I turned the radio on and slapped the side of the door

"Giddy up!"

Dirt and dust pelted at the sky

My hand soared on the wind outside my window

I could feel your eyes on me

As we sat listening to tunes

Our hands drummed on dashboards and knees

Our song started playing on the radio

We looked at one another

What a trip

Of all the roads you could have traveled that day

You choose mine

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