Not Every...

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Not every poem can be about you
Not every sketch
Not every thought can be about you

I know I am a flatterer
I know I puff you up
I make you feel special
I make you feel better
I always make you feel something

But I have villains
I have demons
I have backstabbers
I have nightmares
that I need to purge on the open page
Devoid of you

You gotta know your own self-worth
Just like I have to learn mine
I can't keep propping you up
When my leg's broken

I use the art to heal
I use the art to feel

So If I don't feel love, I can't express it
You made me sad
Vulnerable and alone
As much as I felt your love
As much as I felt your friendship
I also felt you hold your breath
Waiting for the other shoe to drop

I can't prop up egos
When mine is failing
I can't prop up men
When I have no strength to do so

I can only stand
I can only heal
I can only slowly move forward
One step at a time
Pushing through the pain
Pushing through the shame
Pushing through the lose

I thought I could hobble along with you
Half broken
I thought we might take the road together
But the way's broken too

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