Successful vs Distraction. Poem!!!

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Without explaining whether wrong or right!
No one who only cares what others do.
This morning on an endless sleepless night,
I dream about my dreams remaining true.

The world is such an easy thing to say!
Too many other people passing through!
A better living through another day,
Nothing changes after loving you.

Even though I never really know!
Familiar questions quickly fade away,
Surrounded by the thought of letting go,
Something going on along the way.

A funny feeling coming over me,
Possibilities of being free

Remember any very special way!
That funny feeling coming over me.
I had so many feelings locked away,
An aching heart for everyone to see.

Though my thoughts are slowly breaking through,
It sounds a little something you should know!
I never ever finished loving you!
Is such an easy way of letting go.

No-one really cares what people say!
No matter whether weather wrong or right,
Maybe later on another day,
A million people passing through the night.

A thousand other lovers gonna do,
The possibilities of being true.

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