Poem.Uncharted birds MA Rabbani.

in poem •  11 months ago

Aakin Pakhi from the body of the earth
Hire is your home,
How many of them are in the same house
Unwanted love smile.

Maya is the infinite power of the moon
Every time your presence,
Pain and pain in a light dark mate
All the dreams are about you.

I want to ask you
Like running,
I'm happy with your wish
You say whatever you say.

Tune you up like you
How many stereotypes,
How many of two people have each
Alas, what a sweet honey!

One day the love of honey will be lost
The day that can be left untouched,
I lose forever forever
Mix the dust of the earth into the crystals.

O superhuman creeps
Companion of instant life,
The day you leave
Will be the end of life
02.06.2018 AD

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Great! This is why we always need to move forward :)
Don't Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today.

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