poem,Listen to drying M.A., Rabbani.

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Listen to drying
M.A., Rabbani

Listen to the oppressor,
The swords are so destitute.
You must fall,
Sooner or later.

You are on the other side of the abuse,
This is the unimaginable rule of the world.
The time has changed in silence,
Revenge of the time is ruthlessly ruthless.

Today you see the power of power,
The man's dream dream
Like the Sheolara will be gone tomorrow
Everything will be broken.

Do not see the clouds in the corners of the arena
Kalbishakhi storm coming on,
The storm will fly like a straw,
Your boss is sorted.

False lies
What is the fear of the oppressor so much fear
That day is not far away,
One day will be the victory of truth

The length of the sad night,
I know that one day in Puhibei.
All the black in the light,
Will be dissolved.
20.03.018 AD

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