The journey through darkness

in poem •  11 months ago

It’s one of these days that I felt completely empty and alone..

Sometimes you know u r in the middle room full of people yet u can’t connect with anyone

Like nobody gets you...

I have tried to fight this for menu years but today I’m strong and officially admit that I have always suffered from depression.

There are countless nights that I couldn’t get up from bed to do anything and also when it’s time to work I put this act face that I feel normal and laugh to some funny joke that people talked about ..

Many nights has been passed as I cried facing my pillows.. sometimes you feel the pain hurt so much that u thought u are gonna die..

I keep reminding myself that I had a great life but it’s hard to not think about the last time when your parents ask how you are doing ? Is it a week ago, a month ago or a year ago or is it never?

I also feel sometimes that I made myself buried in this sadness forever and don’t let it out because pain is the only thing that remind me that I’m alive..

Why can’t I let go of people that has abandon me?

I know it’s not my fault but why do I always feel that it’s my fault and I am just not worthy enough ..

I know the next day be better but for now .. this will be a sad poem.

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Love at every moment of human life comes with emotion because you will lose the feeling that people start to love because your words make a wrong life plan.


There was a lot of logic in Farhad, it was good

Wow excellent pome post I really like your post thanks for sharing your excellent pome post only for you....
Some people gain, and some of them are Injoy. Nobody is hacked, nobody is alone Someone knows, someone poisoned Someone's face smiles, hanging on somebody's face, Love Is Not Fun, so be careful, and now the girls are bayiman.

The moments of love come with the mood and emotions of people every time

Love is the love of human beings that no person can survive, except for someone else's need for life,

The love of every human being comes home like this and it does not last long. That love is a chaotic day that can be loved by the car,

People do not waste the lives of some people because of their mistakes, because of the love of each and every life.

Heart touching poem, i pray to almighty your next day is better than before.

Praying for you! Keep your head up. I always enjoy your blog

I really love poem,and also love this The journey through darkness,thanks for share with us


Resteem done

really incredible poetry

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. only love can do that.
Brilliant writing @aburmeseabroad

No, please stay positive, let love radiate around you, and it will be part of you, I had similar problem some years back it seems like am not supposed to be where I find myself, but when I changed My attitude every thing turn around.

I know what depression feels like, Eint. I've gone through it and I know exactly how it feels to have friends abandon you. Life just hurts sometimes, but believe me when I say the pain does not last forever. Depression can be overcome. You will have people that care for you no matter what.
It is strong of you to reveal this about yourself. I know it's not easy to show your weakness but it is the right thing. There are already people in the comments praying for you. This community supports you. Keep staying strong and push forward. We have your back.

I feel very sad to read these words. Because sadness is a very bad filings. You should forget about them and move forward. god bless you

Aww.. I sensed a deep feeling attached. Yes there are times when we feel low and not connecting with anything. We are left alone, but time keeps ticking and we should overcome these depressed moments. A bright day ahead is waiting for you!
Loved your poetry. Cheers @aburmeseabroad

Yes, this is a sad poem. I hope this is just a poem Not Actually what you feel then you write it as a poem. I want to tell you, Although we only know in Steemit alone But I feel you are a part of my life now. I want to tell you That Your Happy is also My happiness, Your sorrow is also sorrow for me.

Oh, sister I didn't know that, behind your happiest life, you're facing that situation. I understand your situation, but i know sister you're a very strong girl.
I agree with your last line, indeed every darkness moments, we'll the next day bright.

I am here for you whenever you want to talk.

You are so creative my dear @aburmeseabroad, I love your poem. Best wishes!