Path of Exile: Metamorph and Conquerors of the Atlas

in #poecomp2 years ago

@mattclarke is once again running his little competition for the new league, and this time around there's been big changes as the end game atlas has been completely reworked. The new league mechanic for metamorph looks like it could be a lot of fun too.

I'm unsure what I'll be playing in the race, but possibly something close combat. I've been playing ranged and hands off combat for a while and need something different. This will probably mean I'll be a bit more risk based early on, but we'll see how I go

This is my account over at Path of Exile, with me needing to have the Oz prefix as Ratticus was already taken. I've been playing on and off pretty much since launch, and while I mostlly play SC, I've greatly enjoyed the HC competitions and further exploits into HC that I've made.


Yay I miss seeing your name on my feed XD

Always great to have you onboard, mate :)

Woke up late. still updating. and I'm out of the house from 11am until probably 10pm. I am so not going to do well this time :)

and then I was so wrecked with pain I slept. I think I had a living character at close of comp, but wasn't anything impressive. I've slept most of the last 20 hours

Great to see you enter this one. Wish you lots of fun!