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9 months ago
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Tatiana Show time, Steemians! In this latest Steemit rerelease of  The Tatiana Show, Josh and I interview Roman Zrazhevskiy of! It's a very cool conversation that thing just about anyone could get something out of! Listen in!

About the Guest:

Roman Zrazhevskiy is the founder and CEO of Ready To Go Survival, an eCommerce company specializing in personalized survival kits. The company has been featured in many prominent media outlets, including: The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Fox News Radio, along with highly acclaimed HBO show High Maintenance. Along with being an avid preparedness advocate, Roman has a professional background in FinTech marketing and advises startups on growth strategies. In his spare time, you can catch him at the handball courts in Coney Island or the backwoods ripping up trails on his dirt bike.  

More Info:

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Always love hearing what you have to say @tatianamoroz! The rest of you guys sound like my dad who buried 50,000 rounds of 7.62's on his This has been going on for 5 years and Cali is just now catching on.. But yea, you guys are right and this shiiiz is going to be crappy for a lot of people. Oh Tatiana put a drop of bleach in your water.

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Haha this is your dad here and that information is a little much..

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Good to know, thank you!

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