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Most people tell stories in the form of a jumbled up narrative. Basically, you try your best to get it all in order but you always leave out little details and may come back to them later. Rehearsed liars, on the other hand, tell their stories with a lot of detail because they have rehearsed the lie. They have practiced it and know what they are going to say.

Deception Tip 17: Liars add lots of detail to their stories and can be overly specific. Whereas truth tellers use more general statements and estimations.

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E17 - Detailed Stories - Deception Tips Podcast


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This is quite the interesting topic and rather perfect for politicians. Though, I can't use this myself, I could atleast use this to spot lying politicians, or atleast make a better choice when voting for a candidate. Thanks for the tip.


That's kind of obvious for most politicians. You have a new group now that don't even try they just throw the lie out there without even trying to make it believable.


Lol. Is that what we call progress?


Many people now are not afraid to lie. They have gotten used to it as a way of life.


Yes, that is true for sure! You can use these tips to help you spot lies and make better choices on who you support. Consider subscribing to the podcast for more tips.

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Very nice. I've heard this as well. Their over confidence can sometime let you catch them in false questions. Such as 'did you get stuck in the wreck on I-95?' If they say yes, you know there is some fibbing.


Interesting tips on catching deception. This one time, I was traveling to a friends one story house. It was blue on the outside and the weather was very hot. The stop sign had been run over before I got there but apparently no one was around to see it. lol


Yes, you can use information to your advantage and by giving them something to work with they may often mess up.