The geek shall inherit the Earth...

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So over the past week a small group of us descended upon steemit like a pack of wolves on a fresh kill.

Together we make up the regular cast of a Nerd based podcast known as 'The Basement Dwellers'


We are a bi-weekly podcast that revolves around all things of and related to geek/nerd culture, including (but not limited to);
Gaming - video/board/tabletop RPG and otherwise.
High fantasy
Nerdy pop-culture
Beer (drinking and brewing)
Dice with too many sides
Computers and technology
etc... (don't feel left out if I missed your nerd passion)

We are a lewd bunch of fellow geeks and nerds who just love to get together and talk about some of our favorite subjects...and we hope that people like to listen to our insane ramblings. We are foul-mouthed, obnoxious, sometimes drunk, and definitely NSFW...good fun people!

Everything we say is our opinions and in no way do we wish to represent the entire nerd kingdom.
We may or may not always be informative, but we are fun and we have fun...and we hope you will join us on this voyage of enlightenment.

Our members that have currently joined steemit are;
@neurogeist (myself)
@dynamojack727 (Our fearless leader, and our lifeline on steem)
(Hopefully more of them follow)

And a shout out to @ericwilson for bringing us all here.

Live long and prosper, may the odds forever be in your favor, so long and thanks for all the fish, and may the Force be with you.

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