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Last Minute Changes

If any of you checked out the Segilola Salami Show this morning because of my previous post and noticed I wasn't on the newest podcast, that was because my Internet crashed. Ah, the frustrations of tech life!

Scared I Wouldn't Get Re-Booked

To have the opportunity to be a guest on the top iTunes show in the literary category was incredible. When my Internet crashed and I found out the technician could only come out my way to fix it during the time I was supposed to be on the show, I was unsure whether the host would be understanding.

I shot off an email profusely apologizing for not being able to meet during the time I said I could. I explained the situation and hoped I wouldn't be brushed off because I was an inconvenience to the host's schedule.

I was fortunate that she was gracious about the problem. She would re-book me when she could.

Why Do I Always Expect the Worst?

Something I've noticed about myself is that I keep expecting rejection because I don't have as much experience as another who's more ahead in the game than me. And it's nothing personal against these specific brands/companies.

A paradox—I steel myself for rejection and yet truly believe that if the opportunity passes that I will grab hold to another. It's the duality of confidence and bad expectations. Maybe this was the case because I didn't know enough of the outside world as much as I thought. Maybe there's still a small piece of me that thinks I'm not good enough.

A New Age

More and more the message of humanity standing together, bearing one another's pains and joys, is becoming more prevalent. A company is made up of real people. CEO's and founders are real people. These are real people with real struggles and real gifts

I'm going to stop viewing them as a conglomerate of a cold body of workers.

There might be some out there who will easily reject. And that's okay. Perhaps, they've heard the worst news of their lives that day, or they're just having a bad day. I'm not excusing the actions, just understanding why they're done. Maybe I don't meet their standards.

Do you think in a similar way? Let me encourage you to believe that you can attain these opportunities if you work hard enough and that the people higher up on the ladder will see and reward sometimes.

Time on the Show

So I got re-booked for tomorrow morning at 10 EDT. Yay! Keep a lookout for the podcast.