The Tuesday Noob Night CryptoCast - We're Back! Did You Miss Us???

in podcast •  5 months ago

After a few weeks on the road, it was time to dive back in and start talking....

About STEEM...

About Steem Creators...

Apologies for missing the past few weeks but we hope you really enjoy the show today. @richardtaylor and I had a blast and are gearing up for the SteemCreators Conference in Toronto next week!

If you have not yet grabbed your tickets, be sure to do so because NOTHING is better than breaking bread with like minded individuals....Even if we're all addicted to STEEM too :)

Check it out here:

Looking forward to the event and meeting everyone in person :)

And oh yeah....If you comment on my blog...I still upvote all quality comments!!!

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Jon you and Richard are always good for a laugh or two, and some great information as well. Hope you have fun in TO next week. You will make a great speaker and I hope you can stream it live as well on D-live.


thank you sir. yup we will be sure to have plenty of coverage :)

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@jongolson it's good to see you back. actually i was also not there for few days due to some issues. but feeling good to be back to basics. and also feeling good to see you back .


thank you kindly. appreciate the welcome back :)

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I know everyone missed us! Where else do you get chitchat about STEEM and comedic relief from our presentation noob-ness! LOL

Good to be back. Looking forward to next week at the event!


should be a blast. crypto cast in toronto next week maybe? lol

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Hi Jon. Just watched the replay. Exciting like every broadcast with you. Sorry I missed live. How can I get informed in advance?


thanks for the comments. this is a recording so we don’t do it live. i do my shows on monday live. 8pm eastern.

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Ok, thanks for the info, Jon. For me that is 2am in the night, I think I will be in bed at that time. lol

Hey Jon Great post. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing a speech or two from you. Also some of the big steem guys. Have a good time in Toronto

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thanks beth. yup it should be a blast. looking forward to learning lots.

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Routine is comforting... :) You still engaged while you were away... just didn't realize how much you did! :) By the out of sight out of mind happens with many businesses! People forget about who you are. I have been to Krakow. Great place to visit! If you go I have a suggestion on where you can stay... :) Welcome back to the show!

It might be good to avoid becoming addicted to Steem @jongolson. It can cloud your judgement and might actually harm your Steem portfolio if you are not thinking clearly.

Addiction nowadays is tossed around like it's popular but I don't think it's a positive experience to have, especially over the long-haul.

Good luck! 😊👍