Spirit Whirled | 8/19/20 Livestream with Dylan Saccoccio & Matt Landman

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In this livestream I was joined by Matt Landman and Dylan Saccoccio for a fiery conversation about the truth of our current situation in human consciousness.

Dylan Saccoccio is the author of Spirit Whirled, and a fiction series called Tale of Onora. In both works, he unravels occult secrets and ancient mysteries by demonstrating the phonetic patterns linking the symbolism in mythology to a single (cult) source. Check out his books if you want to connect the dots, astrologically speaking.

Matt Landman is a hardcore activist and creator of the documentary Frankenskies, and he produces a line of EMF protection clothing called Spero.

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• "Spirit Whirled" by Dylan Saccoccio - https://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Whirled-Phoenicians-Dylan-Saccoccio-ebook/dp/B06XF84YR5 Frankenskies the movie - http://frankenskiesthemovie.com/
• Spero Protection Clothing - https://speroprotectionclothing.com/
• Actual Activists Website - http://www.actualactivists.com/