Gematrinator (Derek Tikkuri) | Gematria, Numerical Cyphers, & The Program Code of Reality

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Derek Tikkuri joins us for a math-magical show to decode the spells of language and mass-media manipulations. Better known as Gematrinator, Derek reveals numerical riddles and teaches the trippy coincidences that multiply once one begins using letter/number ciphers (Gematria) to analyze names, dates, headlines, and all the words that make up our world.

In this episode we discuss Derek's personal story and Gematria destiny, the theory of Gematria and how it can be used to expose conspiracy, discover organic synchronicity, and even predict outcomes of major sporting events. We also discuss natural law, the controlling forces behind our culture, Derek's eclipse/crucifixion code theory, and the 666 cypher connecting Kobe Bryant, Coronavirus, and more.

In the Plus+ Extension we continue the Kobe/Corona deciphering, postulate more on the organic vs. artificial gematria phenomenon, discuss the manipulations going on with current events, look at the secret society significance of 74 (4th of July), and use the number 26 to see unity between the source of creation, our body/temple, and our imagination. All that and tons more!

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• The origins of Derek's destined journey to find and teach Gematria
• Zachary Hubbard (Gematria Effect), one of the first teachers of numerical codes hidden in language
• How Derek created the Gematrinator cypher calculators
• Predicting the outcome of professional sports games through Gematria
• Gematria synchronicity that exists in all our lives naturally (Organic Matrix)
• Predictions for 6/20 based on the numbers Derek's finding with that date
• How Derek innovated the use of Reverse Gematria ciphers that are crucial to the research
• Why "conspiracy research" can be part of spiritual work on ourselves
• Karma, the nature of dark synchronicity (aka conspiracy) and Mark Passio's Natural Law Seminar
• The non-creativity, non-innovation and non-imagination of the darkside
• Cult of Scientism and the "appeal to authority" logical fallacy
• Fear-oriented & manipulative media spell casting (modern MK Ultra)
• Dr. Andrew Kauffman and disputing the germ theory of disease
• Kobe Bryant, Coronavirus and how major league sports connect to mega-media manipulation agendas
• The eclipse/crucifixion code - Derek's presentation at Anarchadelphia
• Arithmancy - divination through numbers
• The extreme gematria significance of eclipses

PLUS+ EXTENSION (Subscribe!)
• Derek finishes up his 666 riddle between Kobe Bryant and Coronavirus
• Looking for the dividing line between artificially conceived gematria and the organic number matrix of reality
• Evidence that the George Floyd video isn't what it seems - manufactured divide and conquer narratives
• Mysticism & accepting the never-ending unknown - loving and pursuing the mystery
• Dark occult & mind control symbolism in mainstream music and infiltration into festival culture
• Independence Day (July 4), Jesus, eclipses, and the occult significance of 74
• Gematria of the human body, the universe as God's game & the number 26
• Derek's theory about why media events are coded by the numbers
• Mercury/Hermes and the astrological connection to the media conspiracy events
• The numerology that links government with mind control
• Massive significance with the last and next total solar eclipse over the United States
• Gematria encoded in the US and ancient world's distance measuring units

• Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders
• Outro: "Space Face (Human Music)" - by Illusive Tuna