Eileen Day McKusick | Electro-Sonic Health & Human Biofield Tuning

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Eileen Day McKusick is the author of Tuning The Human Biofield. As a researcher focused on the electric aspects of health, Eileen has innovated techniques and tools for using sound to balance the bio-electric rhythms of both the physical and energetic body. In this show we talk about how sound and vibration are fundamental elements of the cosmos, the theory of a unified ether or energy field pervading all reality, perspectives to rectify our feelings of inner and outer division, entropy and syntropy, health and the flow state, the Schumann Resonance, Eileen's Sonic Slider invention, and we preview her upcoming book: Electric Body, Electric Health.

Show Notes & Links - https://www.innerversepodcast.com/season-6/eileen-day-mckusick-biofield-tuning

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In the Plus+ Extension, we talk about personal sovereignty, the fractal unity of the human body, brain, and universe, the connection between sound and electricity, long distance remote sound healing, the etheric/holographic (Akashic) record, and using vocal tones to accomplish what tuning forks can do. All that and a lot more!