Crrow777 | Lunar Wave, NASA Lies, & Alchemy of Self Development

in #podcast11 months ago

Crrow777 is a regular guy who's spent a lot of time behind a telescope, shooting the moon and other aerial objects. In recent years, he's become a podcast host where he challenges many ideas that most people take for granted, especially the idea of where we are and what this realm might be. In this episode we talk about some of the discoveries he's made and filmed, we point out some of the obvious lies from NASA, internet censorship and free speech, and plenty more.

In the Plus+ Extension, we get into Spagyrics and Alchemy, which is healthier living through nature, problems with the western medical model, why scientific materialism is letting us down, and the importance of the great conjunction occurring at the end of this year, according to the Sky Clock (astro-logos).

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