2019 Review With Jamie Seed - Live Call In Super-Show

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The illustrious photographer and all-around good guy Jamie Seed returned to the show for our traditional December catch-up. We start out discussing how to keep positive, the situations that need compassionate attention from 2019, and Jamie shares experiences dealing with police-state corruption.

In the second two hours of the stream we started taking live call-ins, and had several amazing dudes (who have each been on the show before) join in the discussion, which touched on magic, voodoo, metaphysical self-defense, several more police stories, strategies for remaining in loving gratitude, and even some mystical experience tales. It was an insanely amazing super-show, clocking in at 3 hours!

Appearing in this episode:
Jamie Seed (Photographer) - https://www.jamieseed.com
Bradley Philpott (Shamanic Healer) - https://www.instagram.com/wildfireandearth/
Michael Murphy (Laughter Yogi) - https://www.instagram.com/smurphythesquizzard/
Jonathan DerGazarian (Musician, Deep Sequence) - https://deepsequenceband.com/
Brandon Arnold (Heady Jeweler) - https://www.thirdeyejewelry.com/


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Very cool, I'll listen in!

And just for future reference, if you'd like to start adding your show to the Podcast Community, all you have to do is use "hive-188196" as your first tag.

I'll do that, thanks man!

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