As Tough As The World Is: Episode 168

in #podcast2 years ago

In the song “A Boy Named Sue”, Johnny Cash tells a story of a man with a name which invites derision and bullying. Finally, he finds his estranged father, who explains to Sue that he believed the boy had to be tough, in order to face a tough world. Then in the epilogue, Sue states that if he has a son, he will name him “anything but Sue!”

Many people have similar ideas, that the cruelty of the world somehow justifies cruelty to others, especially to children, even to the point of raising their hands to a child, or teaching them lessons in ways that disappoint, like taking taxes from their allowance.

Perhaps if the world is so cruel, filled with death, violence and taxes, it is our grand opportunity not to succumb to cruelty, but instead to be as kind as possible.

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