Using blockchain to revolutionize the supply chain data exchange

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Podcast Episode 47

Today Allan Gulley joins us to discuss how he is using blockchain to revolutionize the supply chain data exchange.

Allan Gulley is a Senior Manager at the Auburn University RFID Lab, as well as a certified blockchain solutions architect and security professional. Over the past two years at the RFID Lab, Allan has led multiple projects including Project Zipper, a national data exchange study comprised of 13 major brands and retailers, and the CHIP Project, a blockchain proof-of-concept for serialized data exchange between global supply chain stakeholders. Over 20 partners are participating in the CHIP Project efforts currently, including IBM, Under Armour, PVH Corp., Spanx, and a number of other brand owners, retailers, and solution providers. Earlier in his career, Allan founded an e-commerce company in 2015 and conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign to launch the company’s first product. By the time Allan exited the company in 2018, the company’s international footprint spanned across 14 countries and 5 continents.

*Disclaimer. None of this information is financial advice.

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